Why do I need a website?

A Website Still Matters for Your Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, you may be wondering if you need a
website. After all, can’t you use social media to reach your customers?
Social media is important, but having a website is essential for your small
business. It may not seem like it but, some estimates show up to 
55% of some Americans do not use social media.

“Pew Research Center. (2021, April 7). Social Media Use in 2021.”

Websites are generally seen as more professional than social media.

A current website conveys you’re a successful organization or business and can show you plan to be around for the foreseeable future. This makes you more credible and more accessible to potential customers. Besides, Websites are your “home base,” and social media is meant to be only one of the many ways you communicate with your clients or followers.

Officially in control.

Have you seen how many social media profiles are copied or hacked? Have you ever tried to find a social media post you saw only to find the post is now lost to the feed? Did you hear a billionaire bought a giant social media company and has made changes you might disagree with? Your website can have detailed information about products and services, wholly branded and positioned for your business or organization. All this is easily found on your dot com.

Tax Break = Free Website

Can you “write off” or get a tax break for the cost of your website? You might if you use your website for advertising. Ask your tax agent if you qualify for this option.

In conclusion, having an updated and credible website is essential for any successful organization or business. It establishes trust with potential customers and gives you complete control over your brand and information. Unlike social media, your website is a reliable “home base” for your business. Additionally, it may even offer tax breaks if used for advertising purposes. Invest in a website to maximize your online presence and ensure long-term success.