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Advanced Business Applications

Advanced Business Applications


Why do I need maintenance?

Maintenance is what keeps a good website running smoothly. It includes regular updates to your website as well as a watchful eye over vulnerabilities which could potentially be exploited by hackers.

Why should I update my website?

Think of your website as a way of putting your best foot forward in this ever growing day and age of technology. You want a fresh and interesting look to be the first thing that a potential client sees as they navigate your web page. A client will be less likely to browse through your web page if it looks plain and outdated. You can increase client view time with regular updates that keep your website looking fresh and inviting.

How often do websites get attacked by hackers?

Believe it or not, all websites are targets of malicious attacks. You don’t have to be a major retailer to face a cyber attack. 

The counter above shows that even this site has been the target of malicious attacks. 571 attacks this year alone. 

However, with the correct protections, a malicious attack can be blocked. We can provide your website with the needed protections to thwart off attackers. 

What is included in the paid monthly maintenance package?

We will also provide regular reports to you of whether there were any malicious attacks that were blocked by us. Also included with these reports is any and all information we gathered about an attack and how we are moving to prevent similar attacks.